[Latest] Install Google Play Store and GApps on MIUI 6 on Xiaomi Redmi 1s, Mi3, Mi4 and Redmi Note

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In December I had posted an article on frequent crashing of Google Play Store and other Google applications for people who migrated from MIUI v5 to MIUI v6 without clearing cache and user data. The issue was eventually resolved in that post but the Applications used in previous method is now removed/not available in the Mi App Store. The absence of Google Installer has been quite a head ache for me and I know most of the users. To tackle this issue again I am back with another article.

MIUI 6 is really a worth upgrade over MIUI 5 because most of the glitches, heating issue and ram management issue are fixed in the latest version of MIUI 6 and most importantly it gives a whole new interface for enthusiast like me.Frequent crashing for Google Play Store and inability to access Google Applications in MIUI 6 will be resolved in this post.

The Idea is simple If you just flashed MIUI 6 over MIUI 5 hoping to retain you installed application then I am really sorry you cannot save them. You have clear all your user data it’s better to have a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP because wiping data from Mi Recovery will also remove your personal data store on SD card (Redmi 1s and Redmi Note) and data on internal storage (Mi3 and Mi4). Install a custom recovery first.

Method One (Not Tested Personally)

After downloading Google Application package move the zip file to you smartphone internal or external depending on your model/phone. Then reboot into recovery and flash that Google Application package using a custom recovery. Make sure you Wipe Cache, Dalvik cache and User Data before flashing.

This would eventually solve the issue but I haven’t tested this because of high chances of SystemUI crashing issue.

Method Two (100% Working Tested Personally)


Download Google Applications package on you smartphone or transfer package from your computer and then, Using MIUI’s zip extraction feature extract that zip file. Now browse a folder “priv-app” or similar folder where files are extracted. In this folder, you will find necessary Google Applications to help work your smartphone smoothly. From these applications install Google Service Framework.apk, Google Login Service.apk, GMSCore.apk (Google Play Services), SetupWizard.apk and Phonesky.apk (PlayStore). Now just login to your Google account and install app from play store on MIUI 6.

Update – Our guide to install Google Playstore and Google Applications for MIUI 8. Click here


  1. Hi, under Method 2 above, can you recommend a website from which I can download the “Google Applications” package?

    • Google Applications package can be easily googled but if you want recommendations then Basketbuild`s Google Applications, CynogenMod`s or Paranoid Android Google Applications, then Google Apps found on XDA.
      Regards Himanshu

    • It was removed in mid February 2015, the reason for removal is still uncertain but it could be because developer of Google Installer removed it from Mi Apps. Or possibly Xiaomi removed it. China and Google looks always in a state of war.

      • Hey, i’m a parsing error which pops up every time i try to download the APK’s, except for google plat store
        and Google search

        • You cannot just install Google Play Store and Google Search, You need to install Google Service Framework, Google Login service, and Google Account manager prior to installing Playstore otherwise you will face force closes and other errors. Just follow the procedure in the post you will be ready to rock.

          • I purchased REDMi 2 , and my each and every Google player is crashing. I am unable to install even Wats app.. this just freak.. what can i do .. please help ..

          • Where can I get the installation file of Google Framework? When I click on OK after the error appears, it tries to look for the Framework in MI Store, but it says “couldn’t find anything”. A proper link to the apk file would be very helpful.

          • I don’t know why you are searching for Google Framework when I haven’t mentioned in the article. It’s easy to install Google Play store and rest of the services. Just download Google Apps package from the link, extract the zip. You will see a “priv-app” folder open it install all the applications one by one but don’t open anything until all applications are installed.

  2. @Himanshu That’s the problem! I can’t seem to install the APK for the services and frameworks! It constantly tells me that there is a parsing error.

    • It seems you have flashed MIUI 6 over MIUI 5 without clearing cache, dalvik cache and user data. Parsing error is possibly due to 1. The Downloaded .apk file is Currupted or not fully downloaded 2. You might have turned off “Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources” 3. If the App is not Compatible with the Hardware or the Version of OS you are using. Please make sure you are installing Google Services Framework for KitKat, Lollipop won’t work. I would suggest you to backup all your content and fully wipe phone.

  3. Thanks for your post ,I have installed playstore but while downloading i am getting 497 “could not be downloaded error” .Kindly help me to solve this issue

    • You have to install rest of the applications like google play services, login and account manage before installing playstore. If you have done like mentioned. Try clearing app cache of play store and google play services.

  4. Thanks for your help.it is working fine now but i am facing some other issue such as play store ,Facebook and some other apps are not connecting to network while using data connection but all works perfectly in wifi network. Could please help me to find the settings to solve this issue
    my device is mi 4L TE-CU MIUI version

  5. himanshu bhai pls save my mi3 sombody has sale to chinese mi3 to me how can i download google service and all google aplication in this.

  6. Thanks brother ,But my facebook and youtube also not working with mobile networks.any other option to enable it. my device is mi 4L TE-CU MIUI version

  7. i have downloaded for my redmi 1s but when i extract it the extracted folder when i want to open it a msg comes open with html viewer just i select that it opens a code and nothing else pls help

    • I would suggest you to download the file on your desktop computer first and then tranfer priv-app folder from Google Apps to your phone and Install all the applications without opening any of it. Install Playstore at end.

      • I did everything exactly as described in Method 2 with my new mi3w that I got two days ago. Yet when trying to install the Google Services Framework apk out of the linked GAPPS package, I get the good old “error while parsing package”.

        My Android version is 4.3 JLS36C (hence I dl’d the Gapps 4.3 that was linked.. I guess that’s kitkat?), the MIUI version is V6.1.2.0.KXDCNBJ. I googled for solution any spent my whole day trying to find a working method, but so far nothing really worked. So any help is greatly appreciated.

        (Somehow posting comments does not seem to work properly, hence Ill try replying to an existing comment…)

        • If have MIUI 6 installed on your Mi3 then try Android KitKat v4.4.4 Google Applications because MIUI 6 v6.1.2.0KXDCNBJ is based on KitKat. You get prasing error when the apk package is not compatible with your devices version of Android.

          • Same error using the linked 4.4.x minimal gapps.. The 4.4.x gapps linked in the post is the kitkat version, isnt it?

            Sorry for the two unnecessary comments below, somehow the system didnt show them to me earlier when I posted them.. :O

  8. I have done everything exactly as described in the tutorial, factory reset my phone (mi3w), that I got 2 days ago straight from ShenZhen. In the “About Phone”-tab it shows 4.3 JLS36C as Android version (hence I downloaded the linked 4.3 Gapps, is that correct?), the MIUI version is MIUI-V6.1.2.0.KXDCNBJ.

    Yet when I try to install Google Services Framework from the GAPPS package, I get the good old “There is a problem parsing the package”.

    I’ve been googling all day yesterday, trying various things, so any help is greatly appreciated.

    • This could be the problem with version of MIUI 6 that is installed on your Mi3, update to latest version based on Android Lollipop or Kitkat then respectively install the Google Applications package for Lollipop and KitKat.The most common reason of apk getting and parsing error is either apk is corrupted or apk is designed for higher version of android. Update to latest version of MIUI v6. While installing apks individually on your phone please don’t open any of them. I would also recommend you to factory reset and then try again.

      • The displayed version is yet when I try updating with the Updater app, I get the message that I am already running the latest version of MIUI. I have not yet managed to manually install version 6.4.3 as my updater up does neither have the ‘…’ in the top right corner that a lot of tutorials refer to nor show any functionality when pressing the menu button (i figure that’s the leftmost button on my phone?). Installing it from recovery mode didnt work either, as it is giving me the Error: Invalid OTA package, missing scatter.

        What does that mean?

        My Recovery Mode also looks different from all the ones I have seen in tutorials (no language selection screen, it starts up in English right away. It only lists the options reboot now, apply update from ADB, apply update from sdcard, apply update from cache, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, backup user data and restore user data)..

  9. I did everything exactly as described in Method 2 with my new mi3w that I got two days ago. Yet when trying to install the Google Services Framework apk out of the linked GAPPS package, I get the good old “error while parsing package”.

    My Android version is 4.3 JLS36C (hence I dl’d the Gapps 4.3 that was linked.. I guess that’s kitkat?), the MIUI version is V6.1.2.0.KXDCNBJ. I googled for solution any spent my whole day trying to find a working method, but so far nothing really worked. So any help is greatly appreciated.

  10. Hi Himanshu,
    I just got my Mi Note Pro on 21st may delivered in Dubai. It was working awesome.
    But then they released MIUI 6.5.5 which i upgraded on 24th May. since then things started falling apart.
    Initially, Playstore started to give error and restricted my logins. so then i though of doing a factory reset, which i did. Rather than helping the cause, it worsened. All my google apps including playstore went missing. Even my 3G & 4 G services went off.
    Kindly advise.

  11. Thanks so much for your great tutorial!! Its not a coincidence that the most brilliant and talented computer geeks are from India.

  12. i just flashed Recursion Remix ROM in my redmi 1s. but when i flashed this application package , everything is force closes, is this compatible with custom roms ???

  13. Hi himanshu..
    I installed all the apks but m still facing trouble while installing apps from Play Store..
    And i cant even sync my gmail account with my phone..
    I am using Redmi 1S running MIUI 6..
    Plz Help!

    P.S. While installing Google Play Services it said Application Not Installed..

    What to do?? Plz Help.. PLEASE

  14. Hi Rawat! Need your help. I have a new Mi4i and upon unboxing and charging it full, I powered up to download MIUI after which, powered it down, then, the wipe cache and reboot to system. Then, I went to Settings, +Add to add my Google Account. After entering my email add (i.e., is my Google account name), I get this error message “Sorry. There seems to be a problem. Please try again.” I’ve been trying for 2 days now, but unsuccessful which leaves me paralysed on how I may use Google services like Play Store and Gmail. Pls help me. pls tell me what could I do?

      • Ok but how do I do factory reset? Also, how do I backup whatever settings or phonebook or data therein on my phone already. I’m a newbie on Mi4i, I would really appreciate if you may just guide me. Will this bring me back to the MIUI or will I keep MIUI after factory reset?

        • You will have MIUI, Login to you mi account to backup you contacts and messages then in setting >> security you find factory reset everything will wipe after that option. Then try to login.

  15. I’ll add another thank you, this (method 2) worked great without having to download any mystery apps from a Chinese server. My new hongmi is ready to go.

  16. Dear sir.I updated my 3g note from miui v5 to miui 6..by placing the ROM via choose update pack..nowplaystore is not opening,chrome also…it says Google play services,play store stopped unexpected ly..how to rectify the problem..pls reply

  17. Hey….
    I downloaded Google Play Services on my Mi3 W but when I am trying to open it, it takese back to the Home Screen.
    What should I do?

  18. I have completly reset my phone and not it is showing that google services is not compatible to your phone contact manufacturer and it is also not showing play store app

  19. Hi! I have a Redmi 1S and had it updated to MIUI 6 and everything was working fine. Next I rooted it. Still everything was fine. I installed Freedom to hack a game, tried it did not work, but still everyrhing was working perfectly fine. But then I tried to hack a game manually as shown in a video on YouTube, and after that my YouTube and Play Store were not connecting at all. It said, please check your connection, even when WiFi was on.
    So, except for Play Store and YouTube all other Google Apps are fine. Should I get the GApps? And should I uninstall the other GApps on my phone, which are still fine?

    Please help.


  20. Hi! I have a Redmi 1S and I had it updated to MIUI 6, without any problem. Next I rooted my device. Still everything was fine. Next I installed Freedom App and tried to hack a game(not online) and it didn’t work. But still all my GApps were perfectly fine. Next I tried to hack the game manually as shown in a video on YouTube, and it obviously didn’t work, but also my YouTube and Play Store stopped loading. I could open the two Apps, but even having a WiFi connection, it said check your connection. But, except Play Store and YouTube all my GApps are in perfect shape. So should I get the GApps packcage? Should I also uninstall the other GApps before installing the apps from GApps Package?

    Please help.


      • Sir.. I ve mi4i n often it’s showing Google play store crashed.. I did reset ma fone it ws fine n thn I updated play store thought it would help… Ny it’s not working agn it’s shwin Google play services crashing n im using miui 4

        • Okay, People who have updated from MIUI 5 to MIUI 6 or 7 will such issues everything they use any Google service. The only resolution is fresh installation and then installing Google Apps.

          • Fresh installation? Can u b little more clear plz.. N Internet is nt properly gttn connected… Evn to post tis comment I shld try atleast the times ????

  21. Hello,
    I’m using mi4i… Last week I was facing a problem of not gettin stable Internet connection… N it ws showing “play services crashed”… So I did rest ma phone n agn it ws working properly.. I thought I should update play services and tat ws reason… So I updated… But again I’m facing the same problem… Plz do help me!!

  22. Dear Himanshu,am a very normal non-techie mobile user,wherein i purchased 2 MI handsets(MI4-LTE version & Redmi Note 2 (which isn’t launched in India yet) and am unable to follow your simple steps of Part 2 to install Google apps(only to blame myself n my innocence)Can you please be more elaborative in a simplified manner step wise,which can further help a lot for layman like me.i do not want you to explain it here in the blog,instead if u can pls send the steps to my mail id below.pls pls…
    [email protected]
    Thanks a lot dear,await your mail…

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