[Solved]Facebook Chat Heads Not Working Properly on MIUI 6 and MIUI 7

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Recently I flashed Xiaomi’s MIUI user interface on my OnePlus One though its completely different from CyanogenOS which I was used to. MIUI is decent UI if you want something different from mainstream and iPhone look-like then you can surely try MIUI. They have massive forum support and problems are resolved very quickly there.

The chat heads of Facebook don’t even pop up when someone sends a message. This is really trouble because I need to manually open messenger application or Facebook application to reply that message. So after 15-20 minutes of continuous hit and trial I found a potential solution for this problem. The people facing this issue are probably those who flashed MIUI externally. I mean those who don’t own Xiaomi devices or don’t have pre-installed MIUI 6/7 and updated manually for same.

How to Fix Facebook Chat Heads Issue on MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 Custom ROMs

  • Make sure chat heads are enabled in Facebook messenger settings.
  • Still not working then you are facing similar issue like me. Not to worry its resolved.
  • Navigate to Security
  • Select Permissions
  • Permissions then also permissions
  • Search out Messenger in the applications and open it.4
  • Now Check the Display Pop-up Windows from the settings. Because it is causing Facebook Messenger to force stop chat heads. 

I hope it will solve your problem. Enjoy.


  1. Thank you very much …… It works out ….I tried a lot of ways to open chat head for many days ….Now I got it ….Thank you again ….

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