[Working] Install Google Play Store on MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Redmi 1s, Redmi 2, Mi4, Redmi Note, Mi4i and more

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MIUI 7 was just released for Xiaomi’s home-grown devices like I have mentioned in the heading. Upgrading from MIUI 5 to MIUI 6 was a worthy and recommended one. We believe MIUI 7 is also going to deliver similar results like MIUI 6. The most common problem people face while installing MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 is they lack a playstore. Since the ROM is in beta stage its more likely focused on Chinese audiences, who don’t use Play Store rather Mi App store instead of it. Earlier it was easy to install Google Application and Playstore on Xiaomi devices because Mi Apps offered an application “Google Installer” which would download the essential files for users. Though it was removed from Mi App Store in January.

Not to worry there is a manual method to install Google Applications and Playstore on MIUI 7.

How to Install Playstore on MIUI 7

  • Download Google Applications package for Android v5.1 and Android v4.4.4 from the link below.
  • Extract the zip file on your computer/smartphone whatever you may prefer.
  • Now browse the extracted zip for “priv-app” folder.
  • Inside that folder you will find 8-10 applications, GMSCore.apk (Google Play Services), Framework.apk, Google Login Service.apk, SetupWizard.apk and Phonesky.apk (PlayStore). Basically install all the applications inside the folder “priv-app”
  • Please don’t open any application till all the applications for the folder are installed. Its very important Playstore won’t work if you.
  • If you have done fresh installation of MIUI 7 then this method will absolutely work. But if you updated your smartphone from MIUI 5 or MIUI 6 to MIUI 7 and facing playstore crashing issues then you need to factory reset your smartphone and install google apps from the guide above.

I hope it works for you because living without playstore is quite harsh. 😛 Enjoy and do comment your experience.

Update – Here is out guide to install Google Play store and Google Play services for MIUI 8.


  1. Which priv-app folder exactly because when I extracted the file in my phone I found several ones. I’ve tried extracting the .apk files with the names you mentioned above however most of them won’t intall on my phone. I only get “parsing error” message and that’s it. Would it be any other way? Am I doing it correctly?

    I really hate updates that mess with your system when it was working perfectly…

    • You get parsing error when the apk of the application is made for higher version of Android. For example if you try to install apk from Lollipop on KitKat you will face same error. Some of the apps still work. Hope it helps.

  2. Hey
    I dl the pack for 5.1 for my Mi4c on my laptop and as L said, there are several folders named Priv-app and the apps are all in different folders. So how should I manage that ? thannks

  3. Hey I’m using redmi note 4g miui v7.1.4.0. Experiencing several problems android 4.44 which should I download

  4. Thank you sosososoo much! I was so excited when I ordered my Xiaomi and thought that it would be really easy to download all the gapps, but then when i recieved my phone and tried all of the tutorials NOTHING worked and with ur it worked so fast, simple and easy! THANK YOU SO MUCH

  5. I bit lost here perhaps you can assist. I’ve S5 SM- 900F android ver 4.4.2 KOT 49H running MIUI 7 (6.2.9 beta). The zip failed to install the solution. can you please advise ?

      • Thank you for the reply.

        Unfortunately, I’ve downloaded the Android 4.4.x (full and short) package for KitKat GApps and installed manually all the 8-10 apps there but the problem still exists.

        Any advice for me? I’m really frustrated and wish to find solution for it.

          • I’ve tried that couple of times. Even downloaded both Android 4.4.x (full and minimal) of Gapps but nothing were helping me to overcome the problem. Do you think an earlier MIUI version will help? on which version you tested the solution? that perhaps can point me to root cause.

  6. i have recently bought note 3…it has pre installed google play store which just doesnt work….android version is 5.1.1 MIUI version is….what should i do

  7. Hi, I tried the app but It couldn’t install google play services because when I tried to install it It said that It hasn’t been installed
    Please help me

  8. i just purchased a redmi prime 2 and the problem i m facing in it is , their is less info is showing in the setting> about phone .
    even i m not getting the info of the ram and internal memory.
    also their is no option of system update in my phone.
    what should i do ?
    should i return this phone or any alternate solutions avaliable ?
    one more problem added is , google play store is not opening

  9. My redmi note 2 stopped working so I got it repaired and they changed the software and now there is nothing in it. All the Google Apps and even the browser is gone. No playstore too. I want to get the files back. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you

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