[Working]How to install FakeGPS for Pokemon Go [FakeGPS Trick]

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PokeMon Go

Pokemon Go is attracting a lot of users around the world. The concept of the game is pretty amazing according to me but for countries like India people are struggling to find poke stops and gyms. Which is obvious because the game hasn’t been introduced here. This trick includes a bunch of steps and ideal for advanced users. Thus if you aren’t able to understand any step please don’t proceed further you’ll only be harming your device. This exploit is already known to Niantic and they aren’t banning people for using FakeGPS for Pokemon Go (currently). Probably because they are still unable to cope up with a high demand of the game worldwide.  Once they are able to manage all the traffic then they will start banning people using FakeGPS for Pokemon Go.

Things you’ll need

Compatible Smartphone which can run Pokemon Go. Prefer Flagship devices because they have huge development on Android Forums.

Custom Recovery Like TWRP or CWM (must)

Xposed Framework (must)

Root Access (not necessary initially)

Once you have these three you can proceed further. Remember installing Xposed Framework can send your device into Bootloops so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND performing a Nandroid Backup of your current ROM before installing Xposed Framework.

Installing Xposed Framework

I am providing general guidelines for installing Xposed on any smartphone but it’s hugely affected by your smartphone’s user interface and hardware combination.

Download Xposed apk from XDA-developers here. Download link for the apk file is mentioned in the attachments section.

After installing the Xposed application you’ll need to install Xposed Framework zip file through recovery. A key is mentioned below which will help you choose right zip file for your smartphone.


If you are running a 32bit smartphone download arm one

if you are running a 64bit smartphone download arm64 one

if you are running an intel based x86 chip smartphone download x86 one


if you are currently on Lollipop then download sdk22

if you are on Marshmallow then download sdk23

Please follow the key above to download right Xposed framework zip for your device. If you flash wrong zip then you might end up in a boot loop.

Download Xposed Framework zip file from here.

Root your smartphone

Flash SuperSU zip file from  recovery to get Root access. If you have an option for Root Access in Developer Options then its even better.

Click here to download SuperSU.

Remember – this is a general guideline. If you are using custom ROM other than stock Android then please research for methods to root your smartphone flashing this SuperSU might end your smartphone into a boot loop. Like OnePlus 2, flashing this SuperSU will make the smartphone stuck at boot logo. As there is altered SuperSU zip file for OxygenOS. So what I am trying to say is you’ll have to check on the forums for working root guide for your smartphone.

Now Setting Up FakeGPS for Pokemon Go

If you have successfully installed Xposed then only proceed further otherwise it won’t be useful.

Install LuckyPatcher on your smartphone. Click here to download Luckypatcher on your smartphone.

After installing LuckyPatcher install FakeGPS from PlayStore. Simply Search FakeGPS Location. Or Click here for PlayStore Link. The one I am using is shown the picture below. You can use different application as per your preference. Though this one works but I cannot guarantee about others.
Fake GPS

Open Luckypatcher and Grant is Root Access.

Now search for FakeGPS application you installed. Tap on it. Then Select Tools from dialogue box which will pop out.

Then choose transfer to system/app

This will make FakeGPS a system application after you reboot your device.

After that install Hide My Root. From google Playstore.


Open it and tap on to Hide SU binaries.

Then Download Hide Mock Locations Application from Playstore.

It will promote to install Mock Locations install it because Hide Mock Locations won’t start until you install Mock Locations. After installing it open Hide Mock Locations. There you’ll find all the applications installed on your phone, select Pokemon Go and restart your device.

Now Open FakeGPS Application Set to Sydney or New York or wherever you wanna catch Pokemon.  Tap on Set Location. The App will minimize, then launch Pokemon Go.

Fix Location Switching from Fake to Real in Pokemon Go

Open the FakeGPS application. Set Accuracy to 1 meter and Update Interval to 100ms

Set your location settings from High Accuracy to Device Only. If you turn off your locations then FakeGPS won’t work. So set it to minimum accuracy.


Disable Google Location History

Even after performing all these steps your location switches then install Disable Service from google playstore.


Open it. In the system, tab search for FusedLocations. Uncheck it. Restart your device.  It might boot a couple of time.

It will fix the location switching issue in Pokemon Go.

How to Fix Pokestops not working and Pokemons running away

In case you just started Pokemon Go and are using FakeGPS then you might have noticed that you are unable to collect from Pokestops and all the Pokemon you try to catch run away. To fix this issue whenever you are changing locations for example Initially you are in Delhi and you want to switch to Paris. Just leave your smartphone for a couple of hours. If you don’t then Niantic will soft ban you which will result in the inability to catch pokemon and collect from pokestops.


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